Jeff Josenhans, award-winning mixologist at THE US GRANT, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Diego, has taken his mad-scientist cocktail crafting skills to a new level: straight to the basement of the hotel.

After many hours of experimenting with various bottling processes, Josenhans is the first mixologist to successfully craft bottle conditioned cocktails combining the beer and champagne method of fermentation, making THE US GRANT the first hotel to ever complete this process. Launched as "Cocktails Sur Lie," (Sur lie is a French wine-making term that means having been rested on its yeast), Josenhans has combined the highly complex (and rarely attempted) process of the champagne method with the brewer's method, adding yeast to the bottle and allowing the bottle pressure to create carbonation. Then, spirits and sugar are mixed in according to the champagne method while the hopping process adds the brewer's flare. 

'Mule Sur Lie' (Vodka, Ginger, Muscat and Cascade Hops) was the first Cocktail Sur Lie released early 2012, with a second varietal, ‘Le Grenade’ (Cognac, Pomegranate, Bay Leaves, Black Pepper, fermented with Syrah yeast) released in 2012 and a third varietal 'Cosmo: Re-invited' (Vodka, Fresh Cranberries, Orange Flower Water, Triple Zest of Kaffir Lime/Tangerine/Meyer Lemon, blended with fresh Pinot Noir Juice and fermented with Pinot Grigio yeast) released in 2013.  All three cocktails sur lie are available for purchase in THE US GRANT’s Grant Grill by the glass.  A limited supply of first-edition ‘Mule Sur Lie’ bottles are also available online through Middle Ridge, the local Temecula Valley winery Josenhans has partnered with to create and bottle his line of Cocktails Sur Lie.  

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About Jeff Josenhans, Director of Venues, Certified Sommelier & Master Mixologist

A respected wine connoisseur and level 2 CMS Sommelier, Josenhans has created his own philosophy for culinary-inspired cocktails, and continues to explore industry-leading innovations for The Grant Grill's wine pairing and seasonal mixology program.

In his four years at THE US GRANT, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jeff Josenhans has changed the dynamic in The Grant Grill from a classic institution to an exciting lounge and elegant restaurant.  Josenhans created new events, promotions and cocktail programs that have earned rank in local, national and international press, with nods including The Food Network “Best Thing I Ever Ate” and Nightclub&Bar “Hotel Bar of the Year.”  Taking the kitchen’s “Farm to Table” philosophy to the bar, Josenhans developed a seasonal cocktail program based largely on the hotel’s rooftop garden.

Having mastered the first barrel-aged cocktail in the form of the 100 day aged US Grant Centennial Manhattan, in 2012, inspiration struck to concoct the first bottle-conditioned cocktails in the world.  Aptly named Cocktails Sur Lie, the end result is yet again a spirited success.  Looking ahead, Josenhans is now in process of tackling an American ode to thesecret-recipe French chartreuse, with an anticipated first launch date of late 2014.