Unveiled in 1927 as the Italianate Ballroom, the Crystal Ballroom's private socialite salon was built to complement the hotel's original Grand Ballroom. Today restored to its original splendor, the venue boasts a travertine floor, embellished European plasterwork, and a hand-painted ceiling. Sparkling with four dazzling Czechoslovakian Crystal chandeliers and a fireplace, its ambience is ultimately romantic. Adjoined by a marble-lined reception foyer with intricate Spanish Colonial carved ceiling and original bronze entry doors, it offers 2664-square-feet of space that is guaranteed to inspire.


Alongside the Celestial and Crystal Ballrooms, the Chaffee Court and Chairmans Court offer a glimpse into eras past.  Having served as the original men’s smoking parlor, the Chairmans Court is ensconced in historic wood finishes.  Meanwhile, draped in pearlescent white, the Chaffee Court historically served as the ladies lounge.




Crystal Ballroom in San Diego