Meet the ON DEMAND DREAM TEAM, six San Diego personal trainers who represent the best in fitness, spanning across all regimens - ranging from yoga to bootcamp. 

Whether seeking on-site training during your US GRANT hotel stay or planning a "Work It to Wellness" active break for your meeting or event, the ON DEMAND DREAM TEAM trainers bring vast experience and expertise to help you seamlessly integrate travel and fitness.     

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Bonnie Jones

San Diego Personal Trainer Bonnie Jones 2 With Logo

Bonnie Jones is the President of ON DEMAND LIFESTYLE STAFFING, an upscale manpower company that specializes in sourcing top-level service providers for a broad but discerning clientele that includes corporate clients, event planners, top-end retailers, and luxury hotels.  Bonnie is also a highly sought after studio consultant with a reputation for excellence in helping new and established yoga, fitness and wellness programs flourish. The very successful La Jolla Yoga Center, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Fit Athletic are a few of the studios that have used Bonnie’s expertise to help them reach their potential. 

As an acclaimed yoga teacher, Bonnie’s extraordinary reputation led to her recruitment as a brand ambassador for an international clothing line. Bonnie has been repeatedly selected to co-teach San Diego’s annual Yoga for Hope event for City of Hope. She is proud to have helped to raise thousands of dollars through the charity for cancer research and treatment.

Among her personal attributes, Bonnie believes that her networking skills have been especially crucial to her success. “I have a skill for bringing people together” she says. “That’s why I was able to build this company. I know good people when I see them.” She also credits her success to a decades-long background in wellness that includes stints at world-renowned resorts Canyon Ranch and Rancho La Puerta. 


Chad Yarvitz

San Diego Personal Trainer Chad Yarvitz

Getting in professional athletic shape is now possible with ON DEMAND LIFESTYLE STAFFING! I am bringing you the world's first sport:  BOXING! You will be training like a world champion, because that is who taught me. I am a California Golden Glove champion and professional boxer. Get ready for an unbelievable boxing based, full body, fat melting workout.

It's all about intensity and discipline. There are no quick fixes, miracle creams, wonder diets, or magic pills. Goals are achieved through hard work and dedication. I never give less than 100% in my own training and expect no less from my students. Gain the confidence and results you have always wanted!


Luke Walton

San Diego Personal Trainer Luke Walton

Olympian Luke Walton brings over two decades of experience as a high level competitor, trainer, and coach to his work as an ON DEMAND LIFESTYLE STAFFING Trainer.

After a rowing career that began in San Diego as an elite Junior competitor, Luke moved on to the University of California, Berkeley, where he majored in Political Science and won four consecutive national collegiate rowing championships. After representing the United States in the Men’s Pair at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Luke began competing in triathlons and has since been coaching both rowing and triathlon, as well as providing clients with core, strength, and agility training.

Schooled in Politics as an undergraduate (UC Berkeley) and graduate student (Cambridge University, England), Luke has chosen, instead, to professionally pursue his true passion - health and wellness. He has worked under and alongside some of the very best strength, fitness, health and wellness consultants in the United States and Europe. Be it swim, bike, run, row, core, agility, or strength training, Luke is committed to creating an individualized, cohesive workout that addresses the specific goals of the client, in a fun, positive, and motivating environment. 


Jennie Groom

San Diego Personal Trainer Lisa Liles

Jennie Groom is an ON DEMAND LIFESTYLE STAFFING Trainer with over 10 years of teaching experience. Jennie lives and trains by her motto "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" as she takes herself and her clients to the next level.

Jennie is a highly sought after Barre instructor due to her lifelong dedication to dance with real blood, sweat and tears put in at the ballet barre. Jennie holds a B.A. in Dance from Loyola Marymount University, is certified comprehensively in Pilates by Body Arts and Sciences International and in Booty Barre®. Jennie is praised for her versatility, training both inner and outer strength, and striving to optimize the health of her clients.


Lisa Liles

San Diego Personal Trainer Lisa Liles

My name is Lisa Liles, and I am proud to be a part of the ON DEMAND LIFESTYLE STAFFING Team.  It is my passion to work with each client individually and find a way to make fitness and nutrition a part of your current lifestyle.  I strive to provide motivation and to promote a healthier way of living so that meeting your goal means lifelong success.

The impact that the Pilates method has had on my body has changed my life.  I have dedicated myself to sharing this method with others, and giving it my own unique twist.  I implement my diverse training experiences gained in private gyms and studios throughout Orange County and San Diego into my training style to meet client’s needs.  I have successfully helped rehabilitate injuries, create and implement weight loss plans, and trained triathletes.

I am certified through Body Arts and Science International, and trained under Rael Isacowitz.  I believe in basing all of my sessions on the Pilates blocks, but mixing it up by using accessories such as Bands, Bosus, or TRX Straps.  Whether you are looking for a classical mat session, or a high intensity cardio workout, I promise to make you sweat.  I want your session with me to be the best part of your day!


Derrick Sobotka

San Diego Personal Trainer Derrick Sobotka

Derrick is so proud to be a member of the ON DEMAND LIFESTYLE STAFFING team! Derrick's vast experience and love of the health and wellness world shows through being the proud Manager of Barry’s Bootcamp San Diego, regular fitness and wellness expert for FOX 5 San Diego, fitness and lifestyle blogger for Pacific Magazine and The Intel by Barry's Bootcamp, and published health and fitness author with United Print Publishers. 

Derrick began his career in the fitness and athletic industries by training as a gymnast for fifteen years which is also where he developed his personal outlook on life and his training style… ”there are no excuses, only solutions.” During the conclusion of his athletic career he felt it was only natural for him to transition into training others on how to push past their own physical limits and achieve what they thought was impossible…much like how he did as an athlete.

As a proud member of the International Sports Sciences Association Derrick consistently develops as a top trainer through his specialties in strength and conditioning as well as performance nutrition and Lifestyle Health and Wellness Coaching. 


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