Distinguished as the heart and soul of the hotel, the 6000-square-foot Celestial Ballroom embodies the iconic hotel. The sophisticated ribs of the vaulted ceiling are hand painted and lacquered in subtle shades of metallic blue and supported by grand columns intricately restored to reveal the details woodwork of the room's 1030s heyday as San Diego's supper club and speakeasy. The expansive space is accented by hand blown Italian chandeliers and wool carpets designed to harmonize with the original Spanish tiles found in the south entry foyer.


Alongside the Celestial and Crystal Ballrooms, the Chaffee Court and Chairmans Court offer a glimpse into eras past.  Having served as the original men’s smoking parlor, the Chairmans Court is ensconced in historic wood finishes.  Meanwhile, draped in pearlescent white, the Chaffee Court historically served as the ladies lounge.


Presidential Ballroom
Palm Court
Crystal Ballroom



Celestial Ballroom